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Closing of the week of initial education,  “Encuentro de Preescolares”.

Closing of the initial education week, «Preschool Meeting».

Within the framework of the closing of the week of initial education, the meeting of students of the Degree in Preschool Education from the different locations nationwide was held at ISAE University, central campus.

The first stages of childhood are the most important for the development of the human being; this is due to the great capacity of the brain to assimilate information from its environment in these stages. During the first years of life, all the experiences that boys and girls live will be transformed into new skills and knowledge that will facilitate their development in all areas: motor, sensory, cognitive and socio-emotional.

The fundamental purpose of education at the initial level is to promote the integral development of the boy and girl in order to form autonomous human beings, with critical thinking, creative, independent, self-confident and with teamwork skills.

For the closing of the week the participants enjoyed children’s music, exhibitions of different stands. Participating in this event were Dr. Xiomara de Arrocha, Rector of ISAE University; licda. Xiomara de Knopf, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and Magister Celis Oses, Education Coordinator.

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